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Expression of Interest

If you wish to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) please do so through the Scottish Rural Network website (link below). The enquiry will come directly to the Outer Hebrides LEADER team and we will get back to you once we review it.


Please follow this link to submit an →Expression of Interest Form (EOI)

Please click here for EOI Completion Guidance.


Photograph Courtesy of the Carthannas Nis Project, supported by the OH LEADER 2007-2013 Programme  


**Please note that completion of an Expression of Interest or being invited to submit a full application is not a guarantee of LEADER grant funding.**


Please ensure that the 'Project Name' you give to your project is innovative, inspiring yet informative and related to the actual projects activities or aims.  Furthermore if the project is to be delivered in several phases then this could also be reflected in the name.


Once you have submitted your Expression of Interest, an officer will review your project and its fit with the programme objectives (set out on page 6 of the Local Development Strategy)


Projects must be able to meet at least one of these objectives as a minimum. 

Click to view the full Outer Hebrides LEADER Local Development Strategy - Outer Hebrides LEADER and EMFF 2014-2020 Local Development Strategy