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Application Deadlines and LAG Meeting Dates



The Outer Hebrides LEADER 2014-2020 Programme are seeking applications from businesses and community groups who would like to introduce and develop new and innovative ideas focussing around young people, crofting diversification, renewables and new activities for visitors and locals to enjoy and experience.


As of 24th October 2018 we are only accepting Expressions of Interest for Co-Operation projects. The Programme is closed to all other applicants at this time.


Prospective applicants should initially submit an expression of interest and a LEADER officer will then contact you to discuss your proposal, its eligibility and the next steps.


The LAG are only seeking projects which target at least one of the following priorities:


Accommodation related projects will generally not be supported unless they are located in specific areas where there is a lack of one-night accommodation for users of the Hebridean Way and ensuring displacement is taken into consideration.  These areas include Howmore (Isle of South Uist), Scaladale (Isle of Harris), Ballalan or the Butt of Lewis (Isle of Lewis).      


Target Groups:



Co-operation Projects:



All projects must:


Ideally projects should have match funding in place by the application submission deadline and must demonstrate innovative solutions to support community and economic development of the Outer Hebrides. Projects must not have started, show that they will benefit the local community, be completely different to what the enterprise is already offering and not displace other existing businesses. LEADER can support both capital and revenue projects including new products and services, initiatives and creating new networking opportunities.


Projects which aim to develop networking opportunities and learn new skills from their counterparts in other LEADER areas in Scotland, UK, Europe or further afield can also be considered and separate funding is available to support these. Co-operation projects can focus on any sector and will attract a higher intervention rate if assisted.


Please submit an Expression of Interest or further information please contact the LEADER team -  Contact Us


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